Check With Your Window Cleaning Service Provider That These Services Are Included Too


If you want impeccable services then you, as a discerning customer with rights, should expect a lot more in return for what you are going to be paying. As it turns out, you get more than you bargained for. Once you have contacted the cleaning company’s shop window, so to speak, you will be given a cost estimate free of charge. The fee is not charged by the hour. A flat service charge is given, not taking into account how long the job will take. And no extra charges are levied if work needs to be carried out over the weekend.

Because professional window cleaning services are in such demand all across the Greater Toronto Area these days, you should expect to get a polite response from your contacted service provider within at least twenty four hours. That is actually quite reasonable when you think about it. And while you are informing the online agent of what needs to be done on your premises, you need to satisfy yourself that other cleaning services such as cleaning out gutters and eavestrough maintenance are included. In any case, you will be well informed on these inclusions once you are on the company’s website.

This is assuming that you are dealing with a reputable and experienced company, a company of long and good standing. While on the catalogue of gutters and eavestrough, you will also find additional services well worth taking advantage of. The rule of thumb is that all gutters and eavestrough should be inspected and cleaned at least once a year. This will save you on additional costs of damage in the long run. While negotiating a cleaning and maintenance contract with your new cleaning service provider, you will also be making sure that the company and its staff are fully insured.

Standard practice is to have at least two million dollars of liability cover in place. And further to cleaning the windows, cleaning out the gutters and eavestrough are the cleaning of downspouts and fascias. A soffit cleaning service has also been provided for. Additional services for cleaning gutters and eavestrough include the sealing of leaking corners and joints with good quality sealants. While talking about cleaning materials, make a note that cleaning detergents for windows are organic and free of chemicals.

This is pleasing news indeed for those who are family breadwinners. The cleaning and maintenance services are thus child and pet friendly. Because of the insurance coverage, you can also be assured that it is safe for the home and its inhabitants. Insurance carriers are more or less quite adamant these days that their commercial clients have put into practice good housekeeping and risk management programs, even if carrying out a service away from their headquarters. It just goes to show how extensive the services are because we have not managed to include yet another batch of services included. You can prize yourself of this when dealing with your service provider, online or direct.